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over 50 sharing - no games or complex psp stuff, mainly for my friendly contacts in other places.

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Twilight Zone
28971 2074
Mature group of friends who like to laugh. No drama just good fun.
Loyal Friends
24443 5440

Want to make some lasting friendships? This is the group for you. We offer daily tags and have lots of games. Most of all we have a group of caring ladies.
On A Clear Day
16519 13394

We are a women only general board. Straight, gay, bi, all welcomed here. Forums, general, relationships, pets, recipies, for sale, news, beauty, and more. Come check us out! :)
Over 50s Having Fun
16416 4686
Friendly group making new friends, general topics and games room.
14128 13210

We have the friendiest members COME Be part of the family..
Play New never seen before Games as well as Old favorites Siggys and promotions
12080 7114

This group is for PSP & non PSP members. Check out our WWO & WOL DAILY. There are plenty of games to play, and to win tags. Tags are given out everyday to members who sign in.
Carol McC Designs
11630 3011

We are a psp group; we are friendly bunch, we have challenges for you to try out, games to win tags, Snags, tube shares, tag offers, the door is always open, we love making new friends
Online Books
11558 3633

Books, games, general topics.
9 - Visit Herbie the Love Bug !
11514 9808

Visit Herbie the Love Bug!
All votes gained organically. No begging our members.

The Hangin Tree
7531 1369

We have an ton of exciting things to do and see.
Daily discussions, Topics, member surveys, music, games, trivia, tags and drama-free active boards.
Old Farts And Sweet Tarts
6562 6807

We have a variety of interesting subjects, polls, trivia, debates, etc., on our MSN look alike Boards, Tag Shares,Trivia, Games,Jokes,Wild Life Cams, Birthday Board, Banners Boards
6279 745
Robbies Creative Retreat1
5920 2569

We have some wonderful Beginner's Basics PSP lessons, Animation Overdrive that consists of 90 tutorials, seasonal challenges, a mixed challenge, as well as games, daily tubes, and general chit chat.
Peoples Politics III
5815 4909

People's Politics is a dramatic group of Conservatives, Liberals, and Independants who enjoy discussing and debating politics. We are also very 'rah, rah' about our beloved military.
5118 4936

PSP group with Lessons for the Newbie & Tutorials and Weekly Challenges for the advanced PSP'er. We are copyright aware and support Free to Use Artists. Exclusive offers from the artists in the grou
The Attic
5000 4553

Come and join us at The Attic, we have loads to offer for example a hobbies board, psp board, skin shares & requests board, pet board , games and of course a general chit-chat board
Ulead Unleashed
4742 3993

Ulead Gif Animator 5 user & learner group. Custom animations, banner shop, WWOs, Snags, Surprises, Tag games, UGA5 Challenges, Tutorials, Yuku help & more! U don't have 2 be a Uleader to have fun!
Snags Tags And Friends
4710 4094
Snags Tags & Friends ~ A Fun Loving No Pressure Group Sharing Snags, Sig Tags, Signature Tags, Siggies, PSP Paintshop Pro Tutorials, Fun And Games. Come On In We Know You Will Call It Home.
School For PSP and More
4246 4010

From Beginner to Advance, from PSP7 to X7 our tutorials cover it all. There are links to over 1200 tutorials. You will be sure to find something of interest.
3373 783

This is a place where you can relax and visit with your friends. You will fine boards for sewing,crafts,cooking,flower/veggie gardens and much more.
Ladies Only Please.
This is not a game group and the group is locked.
D-Spa For Healthy Living
3308 1381

We like to call D-Spa (Depression,Stress,Panic & Anxiety)a place where members can escape when 'life' gets complicated! We support each other in our depressing times & share joys in our happy times.
3298 3010

over 50 sharing - no games or complex psp stuff, mainly for my friendly contacts in other places.
Friendship&Support Corner
3235 1204

Many different topics.Care and Share everyday topics.
Health boards Brain Trauma&breast Cancer&More
Joys friendship garden
3144 439

A place where old friends meet and chat.
In The Misty Moonlight
2952 3228
Click the banner above to vote.
We migrated from MSN groups as a community of friends and family.
We try to maintain a PG level of communication and fun.
The Chin Wag Corner
2863 2784

We are a friendly sharing advert free group we have games and snags boards.We also have skin shares all yuku members are welcome Pop on over for a cuppa :)
Sunshine Hideout
2618 3726

We're down to Earth group and pretty easy going.We love making tags for everyone.Doesn't matter if you do Psp or not.If you like getting tags and make some great friends.Then this is the place to be
Ireland Connected
2614 2342

We love our friends to have a good time so come on in and join in the craic! We are a real life group of friends who are here for each other in good times and bad.
Yuku Database, QOTD and Online Promotions
2587 3070

1,000's of QOTDs to use in your forums. Custom Text Smilies & Posticons. Promotions & much more. A central hub for everyone to laugh, share, vent & browse.
Funkie Town
2297 2900
Enjoy our merge with "Funkie Town" for awesome SIGGIES, MAD TAG MONTHLY for even MORE TAGS, and fun GAMES! Come smile with us!
Music & Games
2136 1521

Fun games about great music.
Links to great music from the 40s to the 00s.
Flattop's History, War & Politics
2131 1640
"History isn't just dry dates and statistics. History is human. History can be a great source of strength and affirmation -- aid to navigation -- especially in dark and dangerous times"
Taggers Palace
2105 1882

We are a fun group where you can make new friends, share tags, do tuts and challenges or play some games.
We are a mix of Taggers and Non Taggers that love tags.
We are always looking for new friends
Buffy's Groovy Graphics
1861 2980

PSP Challenges, Games, Fun, Friendship, Siggies, Tags
Unforgettable Designs
1596 636

If You Love To Chat, Enjoy Tagging, Tagathons, Weekly Challenges, Tag Offers, And A Lot Of Good Laughes, Then Come On In, And Join The Fun! We Welcome Everyone, Male & Female! PG Rated Group!
GrandmasLoving Jesus
1535 360
A Christian group of Grandmas who fellowship with one another, play games and pray for one another.
Live Long & Prosper
1534 743
* A personal repository, a mish-mash of stuff I enjoy and maybe you will like it too! Blogs and blogger tips, Online Shops, Star Trekkers Forum, New Tricks (Brit.TV) Fan Forum .... and whatever else takes our fancy *
Tag Emporium
1529 242

Tag Emporium is an active PSP Group with 10+ taggers, who offer gorgeous tags. We are a warm, friendly and drama-free group. We are always looking for taggers. We offer Free Tube contests monthly and
Snaggers Paradise
1520 1932

Snags, Tags, Skins, Tiles, WWO's, Requests, Games, PSP Classes, PSP Tuts and alot of fun & laughter. If you win a tag, you will get a one of akind from our store. Come Join Us Today.
1469 953

A place to make friends, play games and win tags or just request or snag tags..we not only make tags with creo tubes but also SW, BAMA, Collenland, FolkArtTreasures and others...
Caring 4 You
1467 1842

We are a friendly group, with lot's to keep you busy.We have QOTD,plenty of games to play and have a section for on-line competitions (mainly UK comps)
PSP Playroom
1226 618

We are a PSP, Tagmaking and Friendship Group. You dont have to be able to PSP to join but if you want to learn we will be happy to teach you. We are a very friendly happy go lucky group. Try us and se
Melting Marvels
1204 352

'Life' support board with a special emphasis on weightloss. We offer motivation, encouragement and inspiration with a variety of online activities!
1141 327

Promoting awareness on the dangers of implants on the market today. Support and Information for those who have had implants.
The House of Shadows
1039 702

Founded in February of 2003 - we are a general discussion board, with a flair for the paranormal. Displayed as an old haunted house, we have over 25 rooms to explore - you may even bump into a ghost or two. Come join us!
The Spiritual Pathway
977 1534

Now back in the ownership of the original owner - A re-opening and a re-invention of a previously very popular board. Do drop by for a nosy.

Awesome Creation
880 208

We are a PSP Group with Challenges WWO'S Games and Drama Free. We are a friendly group who loves to have fun and make siggies.We have tutorials for the beginners to advanced PSPer's.We are a PG grou
837 905

Food ~ Fun ~ Friendship.
Group Promotions, contests, tags..drama free..
The Oasis
831 654

A fun and friendly group to meet new friends, play games, request tags, learn to make tags, do challenges and more. Our community is for taggers and non taggers as well.
CanadaUSA Topics
768 1034

A fun & games website with daily news topics discussed. We want to know what everyone thinks.

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